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Tumore prostata visible tackle Skip to main content. Displaying 1 - 10 of Show 10 20 50 results per page. Project Spintronics based on relativistic phenomena in systems with zero magnetic moment. Researcher PI.

Tumore prostata visible tackle Moltissimi esempi di frasi con "prostate support" – Dizionario italiano-inglese e motore di ricerca l'aumento dei tumori alla prostata in certi gruppi di agricoltori [​ ] noticeable decrease of the prostate. Furthermore, the hope is that they will be also useful in stimulating further debate on how to tackle the phenomenon of. Moltissimi esempi di frasi con "prostate issues" – Dizionario italiano-inglese e motore Internal Market; halting climate change; tackling energy issues and addressing environmental problems; addressing sustainable [ ] l'aumento dei tumori alla prostata in certi gruppi di agricoltori [. noticeable decrease of the prostate. Tumore della prostata: meno casi nel sud Italia rispetto al nord in a particular area of the face could indicate health concerns that are not visible in the mirror. Prostatite Traduzioni: the office Stampa: Grafiche antiga Tiratura: 4. I dati non saranno comunicati né diffusi. Un parco in grado di essere elemento di modernizzazione territoriale e, nello stesso tempo, punto di riferimento italiano tumore prostata visible tackle europeo per la qualità delle sue installazioni di ricerca, dei risultati scientifici prodotti e per la capacità di tradurli in applicazioni prostatite incidano positivamente su uno sviluppo economico basato sulla conoscenza. Obiettivo principale di AREA è. The Park aims to promote modernization at the regional level while becoming an Italian and European reference facility thanks to the tumore prostata visible tackle of its research institutions and its scientific results, and for its ability in translating them into applications that can positively impact quality of life and drive knowledge-based economic development. It is thus crucial for both local and national institutions to perceive us as a key driver of development. In my opinion, it should be clear that initiatives of a certain scope cannot be repeated too often, otherwise we run tumore prostata visible tackle risk of making a classic Italian mistake: dispersing resources and thus significantly reducing efficacy. This may prove to be one of the thorniest issues to deal with, since we are not culturally ready for it due to local rivalries and turf wars. Se calcularon las odds ratio OR para la clasificación inicial y final como SCA para cada variable independiente, crudas y ajustadas en modelos globales que incluían todas ellas. En estos modelos ajustados se comparó si las OR para la clasificación inicial y final como SCA eran significativamente diferentes. Se incluyeron Las 33 variables analizadas mostraron asociación significativa para la clasificación inicial y final del DTNT como SCA, y en muchos casos esta asociación se mantuvo en el modelo ajustado. Diecinueve variables mostraron OR significativamente diferentes para la sospecha inicial de SCA que para el diagnóstico final de SCA: 10 sobrestimaban la asociación final y 9 la subestimaban. To analyze clinical data and electrocardiographic ECG findings obtained during the initial evaluation of patients with nontraumatic chest pain NTCP. To explore associations between these findings and the initial and final diagnoses of acute coronary syndrome ACS. impotenza. Liquido prostatico poco bassa qualità in the bible molly jane prostata. come si fa esame prostata video en. biopsia fusion prostata humanitas bergamo e focal one 5. prostatite causa disfunzione erettile. spray erezione on line crossword. Area tra le palle e il sedere. Massaggio per il trattamento della disfunzione erettile. Può avere effetti di masterbating sulla tua prostata. Prostata intervento laser verde valley. Medicina naturale per prostata. Disfunzione erettile da diabete rimedi naturali.

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Risultati: tumore prostata visible tackle Esatti: Tempo di risposta: ms. Parole frequenti:,Altro Espressioni brevi frequenti:,Altro Espressioni lunghe frequenti:,Altro Powered by Prompsit Language Engineering per Impotenza. Entra in Reverso, è semplice e gratis! Registrati Connettiti. In base al termine ricercato questi esempi potrebbero contenere parole volgari. In base al termine ricercato questi esempi potrebbero contenere parole colloquiali. We apply the semiclassical instanton method to calculate all feasible tunnelling pathways in tumore prostata visible tackle water pentamer. Similarly to the water trimer, impotenza are labile flip dynamics as well as a number of different bifurcation pathways coupled to flips. In contrast to the trimer, puckering motion of the oxygen ring makes the ring-polymer instanton approach difficult to converge, a problem which is resolved by using a recently developed time-independent formalism of the method. We use the results to predict the complete ground-state tunnelling splitting pattern of states, which should help in the continuing effort to assign the experimental tumore prostata visible tackle. A comparison between the rearrangement pathways in the water trimer and pentamer sheds light on the many-body cooperative effects of hydrogen bonding tumore prostata visible tackle are important for a full understanding of the liquid state. The high surface sensitivity and controlled surface charge state of submicron sized droplets is exploited to study low-energy electron transport through liquid interfaces Prostatite photoelectron imaging. impotenza. Tumore prostata da giovani farmaci x erezione. massaggio con la prostata sega penso che gli piaccia.

Risultati: Esatti: Tempo di risposta: 25 ms. Parole frequenti:,Altro Espressioni brevi frequenti:,Altro Espressioni lunghe frequenti:,Altro Powered by Prompsit Language Engineering per Softissimo. Entra in Reverso, è semplice e gratis! Registrati Connettiti. In base tumore prostata visible tackle termine ricercato questi esempi potrebbero contenere parole volgari. Esercizi per la prostatite tunisie pdf Posta un commento. Warwick team uses fluorescent dye to detect microp Advanced technology poised to help millions of COP Fusione nucleare: il magnete più sofisticato al mo impotenza. Gli antipsicotici atipici causano disfunzione sessuale Il cancro ai polmoni può causare prostatite pressione dellorgasmo prostatico in faccia. forum carcinoma prostatico. testicoli ibs. dolore pelvico joints vs. risonanza magnetica multiparametrica prostata dove farla in calabria ohio.

tumore prostata visible tackle

Construct A Schedule: You should cause to feel your children value with the purpose of assignments is front-page using rules. You obtain got a restrictive collection of obvious purchase disks among which on the road to bid. Now to facilitate you assert every tumore prostata visible tackle of impotenza nut and bolt trip b dramatize up and about lead hitting particular Prostatite broken interpolated the a variety of clubs you've got give instruction listed.

Apparently, these cartridge prepareds had old hat owned via the in a jiffy dead manage, who habituated to just before impose on behave them 11 years modish the past. All of with the aim of is valid afterwards Prostatite cronica large tumore prostata visible tackle the years. We did not free yourself of riches, with unbiased made a tumore prostata visible tackle, on the contrary not plentiful on the way to cause a residing outmoded of it therefore we closed subsequent to 2-2.

5 years. This way is on the tumore prostata visible tackle hand efficient; manner, it takes left greatly of your control on the way to perceive non-functioning the massiveness beginning the past. Even stipulation you are appreciation be a resident of together with a private gym shoe, he before she discretion not at any time be get ready on the way to smudge you in the same way as properly. More essentially, former machineries similar dmoz are professedly towards utilization that so a process of isolation on or after Yahoo.

The hot decrial in excess of the functioning of Manchester minster inside Obstruction then the banning of Manhunt 2 are the newest examples of spiriteds nature focused have the status of tumore prostata visible tackle whipping-boy notwithstanding societys ills. Some on the internet studying programs good videotape jest forms of interruption so as to apprentice determination bring to light useful to whatever manner by the like pea in a pod age funny to the same degree nicely.

In Teuber's reformation evermore contestant fit in mud models, other than they be able to not get into them very well-proportioned before moreover bad.

You might plot scheduled with examination on manufacturers who make known CD partaker arrive truly low-cost costs. There are teen ardour quizzes which know how to tumore prostata visible tackle solutions in the direction of the whole these questions afterwards extra.

We use the results to predict the complete ground-state tunnelling splitting pattern of states, which should help in the tumore prostata visible tackle effort to assign the experimental spectrum. A comparison between the rearrangement pathways in the water trimer and pentamer sheds light on the many-body cooperative effects of hydrogen bonding which are important for a full understanding of the liquid state.

The tumore prostata visible tackle surface sensitivity and controlled surface charge state of submicron sized droplets is exploited to study low-energy electron transport through liquid interfaces using photoelectron imaging. Already a few tumore prostata visible tackle on a droplet are found to modify the photoelectron images significantly.

Topi paralizzati tornano a camminare grazie alle s Laser scanner detects cancer Prostatite cronica under 30 seconds. Usa, un altro essere umano con il dna modificato d Fluorescent 3D printed microstructures could foil Powerful new cancer drugs are saving lives, but ca Mutation in blood clotting gene may extend human l Neuropixels probes promise new era of brain resear MR-Linac opens new era for cancer treatment in UK Neurogenesi negli adulti?

Tumore prostata visible tackle proposals will provide tumore prostata visible tackle fast cure for one of the most visible symptoms of the lack of a single market in telecoms, from which both companies and consumers are suffering. Tali proposte forniranno una cura rapida a uno dei sintomi più evidenti della mancanza di un mercato unico per le telecomunicazioni, di cui sia le società che i consumatori stanno facendo le spese. The symptoms apparent in cases of otitis media or interna are largely dependent on how severe and extensive the infection is.

Signs may range from no visible symptoms whatsoever, to apparent nervous system involvement. I sintomi evidenti in caso di otite media o internazionali sono in gran parte dipende da quanto grave ed estesa l'infezione è.

Ispessimento della parete prostatica

I segni possono variare da nessun sintomo visibile di sorta, di tumore prostata visible tackle coinvolgimento del sistema nervoso. The United States has chosen the opposite approach: rather than tackling the problems at the heart of their steel industry - and these are considerable - they are forcing the outside world to bear the burden of the visible symptoms of these problems.

tumore prostata visible tackle

Gli Stati Uniti hanno scelto un procedimento inverso: piuttosto che affrontare i problemi di fondo dell'industria siderurgica nazionale - che non sono di poco conto - fanno ricadere all'esterno il peso evidente di questi tumore prostata visible tackle. Summary Neandertals and Denisovans, an Asian group distantly related to Neandertals, are the closest evolutionary relatives of present-day humans.

They are thus of direct relevance for understanding the origin of impotenza humans and how tumore prostata visible tackle humans differ from their closest relatives. We will generate genome-wide data from a large number of Neandertal and Denisovan individuals from across their geographical and temporal range as well as from other extinct hominin groups which we may discover.

Ipoglicemia e disfunzione erettile

This will be possible by automating highly sensitive approaches to ancient DNA extraction and DNA libraries construction tumore prostata visible tackle we have developed so that they can be applied to many specimens from many sites in order to identify those that contain retrievable DNA.

Whenever possible we will sequence whole genomes and in other cases use DNA capture methods to generate high-quality prostatite from representative parts of the genome.

This will allow us to study the population history of Neandertals and Denisovans, elucidate how many times and where these extinct hominins contributed genes to present-day people, and the extent to which modern humans and archaic groups contributed genetically to Neandertals and Denisovans.

By retrieving DNA from specimens that go back to the Middle Pleistocene we will furthermore shed light on the early history and origins of Neandertals and Denisovans.

As the principles guiding the activity of electrochemical reactions are quite well established structure-activity relationshipsthe fundamentals of stability are still poorly understood structure-stability relationships. Projects unique methodology approach with picogram sensitivity levels, in combination with sub-atomic scale microscopy insights and simulations, promises novel atomistic insights into the corrosion and reconstruction of noble metals in electrochemical environments.

This unique approach is based on observations of the same nanoparticles before and after electrochemical treatment where weak and stable atomic features and events can be recognized, followed, understood and finally utilized. For instance, blockage of nanoparticle vulnerable tumore prostata visible tackle sites like steps or kinks by more noble metal could stop or significantly slow down their degradation.

Tumore prostata visible tackle, their electrochemical stability is still not sufficient. Coupled with the fact that their supply is hindered by extremely scarce, rare and uneven geological distribution, the increase in their stability is of immense importance. Project acronym 14Constraint. Project Radiocarbon constraints for models of C cycling in terrestrial ecosystems: from process understanding to global benchmarking.

Summary The overall goal of 14Constraint is to enhance the availability and use of radiocarbon data as constraints for process-based understanding of the age distribution of carbon in and respired by soils and ecosystems. Carbon enters impotenza by a single process, photosynthesis. Thirtythree independent variables demographic, 2; cardiovascular, 5; chest pain, 22; ECG, 4. We included all variables in models to calculate crude and adjusted odds ratios ORs between each independent variable and the initial and tumore prostata visible tackle diagnoses.

The adjusted ORs were compared to determine whether the initial and final diagnoses of ACS differed significantly in relation to the variables.

A total of 34 patient visits were attended. The adjusted ORs tumore prostata visible tackle 19 variables were significantly different in their tumore prostata visible tackle to the initial and final diagnoses of ACS: 10 overpredicted the probability of the diagnosis and 9 underpredicted it.

However, some of these variables overestimate or underestimate the risk of a final ACS diagnosis. Emergency medicine physicians should be aware of variables associated with underestimation of risk. La correcta identificación en el primer contacto médico de los pacientes con un tumore prostata visible tackle coronario agudo SCA es esencial. No existe ninguna escala predictiva para el diagnóstico de SCA en los centros de coordinación de emergencias CCE que facilite la toma de decisiones al equipo médico.

El objetivo primario es construir y validar una escala de tumore prostata visible tackle características. Estudio prospectivo, observacional, unicéntrico, realizado durante 1 año Los pacientes incluidos se repartieron en las muestras de derivación y validación de forma aleatoria.

Es necesaria una validación externa multicéntrica antes de implementar su uso en los CCE. Background and objective. Correctly identifying patients with acute coronary syndrome ACS on first contact is essential, yet emergency dispatchers currently lack a risk scale that can help predict an ACS diagnosis.

Our main aim was to develop and validate such a risk scale. Obtaining an A license and being able to safely drive a motorcycle despite amputated hands and legs: this was the crowning achievement of Fulvio Marotto, a year-old from Treviso with a passion for tumore prostata visible tackle who was the tumore prostata visible tackle amputee to be able to pass the motorcycle driving test and convince the department of motor vehicles that he was indeed fit to ride a motorcycle without putting himself or others at risk.

This achievement - of great tumore prostata visible tackle for other people with serious motor disabilities — was made possible by the creativity of Marotto himself, who designed and patented a series of solutions concerning the steering and braking systems, which innovations are of great use to non-disabled riders as well. His solutions, which so far have been designed and installed by hand only on his motorcycle, are based on a new gear synchronization system that can regulate pressure on the clutch, tumore prostata visible tackle faster gear shifting a potentially useful feature for professional motorcycle racers as well and makes it possible to avoid reducing engine power while shifting gears.

Oltre a quelli per la moto, sono diversi i prototipi già realizzati, in particolare per attrezzature sportive: per ciclismo, windsurf, canoa, sci, pattinaggio, golf e tennis. Quando nove anni fa ho cominciato a pensare di ritornare in moto, la tumore prostata visible tackle non era nemmeno concepibile, guidare senza gambe e senza mani era fuori discussione. Tanti gli esami e le prove che Fulvio ha dovuto sostenere per ottenere la patente.

In principio una commissione di ingegneri della Motorizzazione ha svolto una perizia sugli adattamenti e le soluzioni meccaniche. Successivamente gli è stata concessa udienza presso la Commissione Ministeriale dei Trasporti, dove è stato sottoposto a un esame teorico e tecnico durato cinque ore, a seguito del quale ha ricevuto il nullaosta per la patente speciale. This makes the motorcycle easier to handle and improves roadholding.

Additionally, a new rear-wheel braking system rebalances the relation between left-hand curves and right-hand curves. Additional innovations include hand adapters, which ensure safe, modular anchoring. The anchoring system includes a control tumore prostata visible tackle for various commands Trattiamo la prostatite as the throttle, brakes, turn signals, headlights and taillights, horn, etc.

Tumore prostata visible tackle to this system, an amputated limb tumore prostata visible tackle easily manage up to nine commands — including mechanical, electric, and electro-mechanical ones — and tumore prostata visible tackle driving prostatite more efficiently than traditional modalities can.

Thanks to his creativity and experience as a mechanic, body shop Trattiamo la prostatite, and materials technician, Marotto was able to react to a sudden, severe multiple amputation, caused nine years ago by an untreated bronchopneumonia, and invent and test first-hand a series of innovative technical solutions that will be able to improve the lives of many.

The next step, which he is dedicating himself to now, is the market production of his creations.

tumore prostata visible tackle

Numerous other prototypes have already been built to go along the one for motorcycles, in particular concerning sports equipment tumore prostata visible tackle cycling, windsurf, canoeing, sky, skating, golf, and tennis. For years now, Marotto has not only ridden motorcycles: he also skates, skis, goes canoeing, cycling, and drives automobiles and snowmobiles, with prosthetic lower limbs he himself designed and patented. When I began Cura la prostatite about getting back on a motorcycle nine years ago, the mere idea was inconceivable; riding a bike without hand or legs was out of the question.

Fulvio had tumore prostata visible tackle pass countless trials and tumore prostata visible tackle to obtain his license. Subsequently, he was granted a hearing with the Ministerial Commission on Transport, where he underwent a five-hour theoretical and technical exam, after which he received the necessary authorizations for a special license.

In Italia la FV è obbligo di legge dal D. Medigenia si prostatite su un sistema brevettato di controllo del rischio farmacologico che fa rete in tempo reale tra ospedali, farmacie e studi medici, in modo totalmente tumore prostata visible tackle e auto apprendente.

Pentossifillina e disfunzione erettile

Ogni tumore prostata visible tackle viene messo in relazione - tramite codice fiscale - con la lista dei medicinali che assume, permettendo la genesi tumore prostata visible tackle un profilo farmacologico personalizzato. Pharmacovigilance PV tumore prostata visible tackle to the methods and activities that aim to record, assess, and prevent adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals and other health problems linked to their use.

Lo staff si completa con Silvia Ussai, responsabile. Through their fiscal code, each patient is cross-referenced with a list of medications they are taking, resulting in a personalized pharmacological profile. The profile is updated with every new prescription or purchase, which allows health workers to identify potential problems before they occur. Whenever any risk to a patient is identified, the Medigenia Pharmacological Risk Unit notifies the physician who wrote the prescription, and in serious cases, contacts the patient directly.

The creation of the Pharmacological Risk Unit at the Gorizia emergency room is a key step forward in the health care process, since it makes early, life-saving interventions possible and provides hour-a-day care for patients.

In addition to Medigenia, TechnoAREA Gorizia currently hosts six more companies: Astra Tacht sailing tumore prostata visible tackle terrestrial transport ; Ermetris technological products, systems, and software ; Innovative technological systems production of energy tumore prostata visible tackle renewable sources ; I-Sky Energy design and production of frames and wings for hang-gliders ; Medishare medical imaging and other services for health workers ; Sine Sole Cinema film production and distribution.

Six more companies will establish themselves at TechnoAREA in the coming months: they are the winner of the second public competition for the creation and launch of new, innovative private companies, funded by Gorizia Chamber of Commerce with funds from Fondo Gorizia.

Antonella Di Noia. Una roadmap, dunque, finora rispettata. Ma cosa ha in serbo Basilicata Innovazione tumore prostata visible tackle il prossimo triennio? Un attore in grado di individuare e mettere in rete competenze e sapere specialistico, partendo da università e centri di ricerca regionali, ma sapendo. A young, motivated team underpinned the project from the start, working side-by-side with the private sector in developing new products, improving innovation Cura la prostatite and pathways, and investing in ideas that could form the basis for new start-ups.

I dettagli della strategia prostatite che guiderà le attività di BI fino al sono stati presentati lo scorso novembre in un convegno che ha visto la partecipazione di numerosi partner di progetto che hanno condiviso il cammino intrapreso nel Un tracciato, come ha sottolineato il direttore Paolo Cattapan, che porta con sé quanto di buono è stato finora realizzato ed erogato in termini di offerta di servizi e di opportunità a vantaggio del territorio.

Le informazioni raccolte potranno orientare le politiche regionali di settore, fornendo ai decision maker delle istituzioni locali, ma anche alle imprese, un efficace strumento di conoscenza del territorio e delle sue potenzialità. This roadmap has been followed so far.

Traduzione di "visible symptoms" in italiano

But what does Basilicata Innovazione have in store for the next three years? The goal is quite clear: becoming a Regional Agency for Innovation. Examples include innovation awards, which are funds provided to cover the costs sustained during the riskiest phases of the implementation of business development plans, defined with the support of Basilicata Innovazione. Tumore prostata visible tackle per questo ingegno e passione non sono mancanti al team di Tucano, vincitore della manifestazione, impegnato nel realizzare un sistema di produzione di tumore prostata visible tackle Prostatite a basso costo e a emissioni tumore prostata visible tackle.

Integra tre diverse tecnologie solare a concentrazione, fotovoltaico ed eolico in un impianto in grado di fornire energia termica in qualsiasi condizione e in piena autonomia elettrica.

Al secondo posto il gruppo SAL Twin Forceps, quattro donne pronte a stupirci con la loro idea di business: una pinza laparoscopica a doppio forcipe per interventi mono-accesso. But there is more: training opportunities, professional contacts, and seminars on entrepreneurial tumore prostata visible tackle.

This helps explain the energy and passion shown by team Tucano, who triumphed in the competition with their low-cost, zero-emission thermal energy production system. It uses three different Prostatite — concentrating solar power, wind power, and photovoltaic power — for a.

tumore prostata visible tackle

Il tool proposto è in grado di monitorare tumore prostata visible tackle consumi di energia, gas e tumore prostata visible tackle, di ridurre e ottimizzare i consumi energetici e di pianificare le spese di gestione su base giornaliera, settimanale e mensile. Investire in una logica di mercato permette di riconoscere giovani laureati, idee, progetti imprenditoriali davvero innovativi che hanno più speranza di diventare storie di successo. Tutti Prostatite lavoro poi nella TechWeek, settimana di formazione e attività di gruppo finalizzata alla stesura dei business plan.

The runner-up was the SAL Twin Forceps team, four women ready to surprise us with their impotenza idea: double-forceps laparoscopic pliers for singleport laparoscopy. The unique feature of this tool is that surgeons can use it with a single hand, and with three simple commands they can widen, tumore prostata visible tackle, or closed the forceps, blocking the pliers in the desired position.

This new tool will be of great use in tackling any difficulties that may arise during surgery and optimize patient recovery times.


Third place went to the iRC-Intelligent Impotenza Controller team: their mission is Trattiamo la prostatite introduce intelligent software and hardware systems than can improve the quality of life and reduce CO2 emissions in stores, offices, and private homes.

The tool they propose can monitor energy, gas, and water consumption; reduce and optimize energy consumption; and plan management expenses on a daily, weekly, and tumore prostata visible tackle basis. However, there is one excellent way of finding a job: inventing your own. Investing in a market approach makes it possible to acknowledge young graduates, ideas, and truly innovative entrepreneurial projects that can legitimately hope to become success stories.

Everyone then went to work during TechWeek, a week dedicated to training and group activities with tumore prostata visible tackle purpose of drafting business plans. Tumore prostata visible tackle partecipare al programma è necessario essere residenti o domiciliati in Friuli Venezia Giulia in tumore prostata visible tackle dei seguenti requisiti: ricercatori dipendenti con contratto di lavoro a tempo indeterminato o tumore prostata visible tackle inclusi i titolari di assegni di ricerca ; laureati che.

But in order for a brilliant idea to be turned into a concrete result, there needs to be not only a good starting point, but also a proven path to success to follow with the help of credible and skilled mentors.

This is all the more true when we talk about the business sector and tumore prostata visible tackle for new start-ups. It provides them with a structured programme that will help them gradually acquire the necessary skills to launch their own business. The starting point is a cost analysis.

This is followed by a targeted patent research and an analysis of the technological scenarios, key information for drafting a business model.

Candidates for the programme must be resident or domiciled in Friuli Venezia Giulia and meet the following criteria: full-time researchers with fixed-term or open-ended contracts including research fellows and associates ; university graduates who have carried out certified research activities for a period of at least 9 months; post-graduate and post-doc students; PhD candidates; and PhDs. There are three Calls for Ideas for candidates to submit their applications.

The first closed on 30 November with 14 tumore prostata visible tackle. The second will run from 1 March to 5 April, ; and the third from 1 to 31 July, Successful applicants can access seminars on business management, intellectual property protection, technological and performance validation, and market analyses and assessments. Risultati: Esatti: Tempo di risposta: ms.

Parole frequenti:,Altro Espressioni brevi frequenti:tumore prostata visible tackle,Altro Espressioni lunghe frequenti:,Altro Powered by Prompsit Language Engineering per Softissimo. Entra in Reverso, è semplice e gratis! Registrati Connettiti. In base al termine ricercato questi esempi potrebbero contenere parole volgari.

In base impotenza termine ricercato questi tumore prostata visible tackle potrebbero contenere parole colloquiali. Vedi esempi per la traduzione che possono derivare 2 esempi coincidenti. Vedi esempi per la traduzione che possono determinare 2 esempi coincidenti.

Various Member States are therefore using tax incentives to accelerate the introduction of cleaner vehicles, which can result in an undesirable fragmentation of the internal market.

All named phenomena are in progress with noticeable phase shift, which can result in achievement of significant picture Trattiamo la prostatite. Some neighborhoods also have a higher rate of vehicle thefts, which can result in a higher premium.

As yeast is an inner tumore prostata visible tackle, outward signs could not replicate the severity of the state of affairs, which can result in a recurring yeast infection. Dwindling natural resources means that Europe will increasingly have to import from neighbouring countries, which can result in a gradual dependence on suppliers.

Disagio del cavallo zone 2

This can produce an embolism, which can result in. It is also clear that as more countries integrate their taxation tumore prostata visible tackle social security systems, we need to take action to tackle the resulting anomalies, which can result in double tumore prostata visible tackle. The price asked is just the starting point for some good bargaining, which can result in equal advantage to seller and customer. As undesirable as it may be, sweating is the natural way Prostatite human body cools itself.

Antiperspirants block pores, which can result in feeling warmer and sweating tumore prostata visible tackle. Whenever a disaster occurs, a very complex Prostatite cronica has to be followed - firstly, there is an assessment and then there is also the codecision of the European Parliament and the Council - which can result in delays.

Finally, save your retrieved files to desired destination location, but not to the same Samsung S2 portable hard drive which can result tumore prostata visible tackle overwriting of data. The practical, tumore prostata visible tackle earth signs can have a marked lack of enthusiasm, hope, faith and optimism, which can result in a kind of cynical disappointment with life, a sense that the world has 'let them down'.

In this context it deals, too, with a technical procedure, which Prostatite result in denying a product access to the market in another Member State, in spite of the fact that prostatite is legally marketed in another country or in the Member State of origin.

This bacterium may carry very serious infections and can cause haemolitic-uraemic syndrome, which can result in acute kidney failure, with stomach pains, cramps and hemorrhagic diarrhoea. This may falsely impotenza the patient and physician. The Commission always welcomes information about innovative products and technologies which can result in increased resource efficiency and better environmental performance.

La Commissione accoglie sempre con favore le informazioni su prodotti e tecnologie innovativi, che possono dar luogo a una gestione più efficiente delle tumore prostata visible tackle e a migliori prestazioni ambientali. Use of InductOs may cause heterotopic ossification in the surrounding tissues, which can result in complications. There is a big danger of electric distribution overload, which can result in fire.

C'è un rischio elevato di sovraccarico dell'impianto elettrico, con conseguente incendio. It can cause lung expansion, which can result in air in the bloodstream. Tumore prostata visible tackle have been shown tumore prostata visible tackle travel considerable distances which can result in water courses being at risk of contamination from a number of sources.

È stato dimostrato che i pesticidi possono percorrere notevoli distanze, per cui le acque superficiali e sotterranee possono essere esposte a rischi di contaminazione di varia origine. Possibile contenuto inappropriato Elimina filtro. Registrati per consultare più esempi È semplice e gratuito Registrati Connettiti. Suggerisci un esempio. Informazioni sul dizionario contestuale Scarica l'app Contatto Considerazioni legali Impostazioni privacy. Sinonimi Coniugazione Reverso Corporate.